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May 30, 2021 - BY Admin


From the time past, it has proven to be true that the only way to make money online is by doing business (selling something).

Generally, business involves channeling all efforts of an individual to produce and sell a good or render a service. Business is the activity of making one's living or making money by producing or buying and selling (such as goods and services). Simply put, it is "any activity or enterprise entered into for profit."  source

Traditionally, establishing a business can be tedious considering the paperwork and every other legal requirement. And depending on the type of business you may need to secure some plots of land as well as every other needed equipment or tools to successfully start a business.

And hopefully, wait for your customers to locate your business.

This has killed many business ideas that may have gone to become successful if not for the financial constraints.   Aside from the time and amount of money needed to start a business the fact that you have to be tied to a particular location is very bad for a 21st-century business.

Today, with the help of technology, establishing a business from anywhere around the world has become relatively easy and stress-free. The good news is you don’t necessarily need any paperwork to start, neither do you need any legal document nor land to start.

in fact, you don’t even need a physical location to own a business in this present age.

Establishing a business has become very easy that you can even sit in your room, launch a product and start selling and pocket all your profit without paying tax or inventory. You can now grow your bank account with the help of the internet.

Improve Your Productivity

You see, the internet has produced the highest number of  millionaires than every other medium in the past and you can begin your millionaire journey with just 50k

Yes, 50k 

Let me explain

If by today, you still do business the old way or you are having the intention of running your business the old way, you are at risk of losing and missing out, because the internet has come to stay and businesses that failed to follow suit will crumble.

   The internet has come for all of us and businesses are not immune.

So, what business can you start with 50k and earn a lot of money in a return for your investment?

Before you say it’s impossible I will advise you to refine your belief and consider starting a blog

In the past when people talk to me about starting a blog I quickly turn it down, my excuses then or should I say self-defense story was "I'm, not a good writer, my grammar is bad, I don’t know what to write about", and so on.

How do you start a blog?

If you would like to take this as your b business, you need to do certain things. These will not just help you make more money it will make you an authority in your niche.

What is a niche?

A niche is a suitable position in life or employment ( please note the word suitable)

A niche can mean doing something you enjoy doing, something you can do naturally it doesn’t necessarily mean to be something you are born with, it can just be something you like doing and or train yourself to do it very well.

An example of a niche can be real estate, automobile, designs, marketing, reading, watching movies, analyzing, dancing, etc All these can be monetized regardless of your location or years of experience.

A blog just like every other business you need to plan very well the first thing you have to do is to;

1. Define your why

Why do you like doing a particular thing, and how will you be successful doing it as a business?

Your why should be focused on meeting a need in the marketplace because the scope of your business will be larger than your personal need.

2. Know your target audience

Too many too often the failure of many online businesses is as a result of not knowing their target audience or in simple terms not knowing those with the money who are willing to buy from them. Why do you want to work with this set of people? How are you going to make the life of these people easier? How are you going to add color to their life?

3. Define your format

After knowing your customer you have to define how you intend to communicate with them Are you going to use text, video, images, or infographics to communicate with them? It has to be what your audience finds interactive

Tools For Blogging

To monetize your blog, you will need a domain name and a hosting company that will host your website online, which will enable your customers to locate you easily.

For example, just like a physical store, your domain name is your office address whole your hosting is like your office where you keep your documents and every other product.

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How Do You Make Money Blogging?

You have done everything right, you have chosen your niche, you have researched your audience, you have determined your why and you already know the format you will be using that will resonate with your audience, you have even registered your website.

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But How Do You Make A Profit From Your Investment?

If you have done all the above correctly, making money from your blog is just a click away, or let me just say you are not far from making money from your blog.

There are several ways to make money with your blog, but the one we will be addressing is what many bloggers don’t know about.

Now, this is how it works let’s say you are in the real estate niche and you have been writing about drylands in Lagos and you have a handful of followers who always engage with your content through your write-ups and they have been sharing your post on social media.  Due to your level of authority when such a person or someone they know in need of dryland in Lagos you will be the first that will come to their mind and if they contact you. You just arrange a meeting between the seller and the buyer or you stand as the agent and at the end of the transaction, you are given your commission.

Again, let’s say you are in the automobile niche and you are writing about fairly used cars in Nigeria ( please note you don’t need to have a car stand before you can write about cars).

When your audience or someone they know wants to buy a fairly used car, they will likely recommend you because they trust you.

You take them to the car stand or they can even ask you to help them get the car and deliver it to their address. You earn commission on every service you rendered.

Let’s say you are not even in the automobile or real estate niche

Maybe you like cooking and you decide to write about different Nigerian dishes your audience are likely to contact you first when they need those dishes you write about.

Apart from all these, you can also monetize your blog by helping other organizations advertise their product on your blog.

People can even pay you to help them promote their website or product in your blog post There are no limitations to what you can achieve or how much you can earn with your blog you just have to be consistent in what you are doing.

"work is as easy as play “

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